Sanghon Kim 



About the artist

Born / Works
Paris / Paris

Education / Career
the Paris Beaux Arts

Started working

Significant works in progress
An animated short film


How would you describe your style?
Futuristic and nostalgic

What are your main sources of inspiration (artists, graphic designers, etc.)?
Every other artist and creator

What can you tell us about the work on display at ArtLigue?
It's a bit like a character in a fairy-tale or old fantasy film.

What was the creative process for this work? Is it consistent with your usual approach?
Yes, it’s a collage of lots of things

Do you use different creative methods depending on the nature of the project (artistic, commission, experimental)?
The ideal is a crossroads where everything can meet

What is your view on graphic design today?
It’s dense.

Do you believe there is a boundary between visual arts and graphic design? If so, where would you place it?
Yes, because they don’t have the same purpose.

Should graphic design be included in the arts, or does it already belong there?
Graphic design is a service provided to someone - art is not a service.
Graphic design is a service industry - however smart and cultured, it’s still an applied art. It belongs fully in the world of culture, which doesn’t mean it needs the same place as art.

Limited edition, numbered and signed. 

Selected shows and awards

Echo, solo show, 12Mail / RedBull Space, Paris, 2013

Selected publications


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Sanghon Kim 


Technical information

Pigment print on Ilford Gallery Gold Fibre Silk paper - limited edition, numbered and signed certificate. Framed on request.


50 x 40 cm , Edition of 80 120.00 €

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