Alessandro Puccinelli 

Intersections 28, Marina di Pisa 

Intersections 28, Marina di Pisa

About the artist

Born in 1969, my earliest professional experience dates from 1993 when I moved to Australia, where I worked in advertising photography. Back in Italy, I started doing commercial photography using a "loose and free" style.
In 2001, my first personal work "Quotidiano" won the Polaroid International Awards. Since then I decided to focalize my attention towards producing art using my greatest passion in life as my subject, "the sea".


Most of your work is shot by the seaside, either on the shore or deep in the waves; it conveys a sense of immensity and loneliness. When did this start, and what attracted you to this environment?
I started taking pictures of the ocean in 2006, but my love for the sea dates back to 1986 when I first discovered surfing. The ocean, year after year, became in my mind a sort of example to follow - a reflection of my ideal life. Its waves, as described by Jack London, are ‘the knights of the infinite sea army,’ bearing simplicity, elegance, power and freedom.

Can you tell us about these two photographs? When were they taken, which broader body of work do they belong to?
They are both recent, taken in 2013. Intersections 28 was shot on the west coast of Italy, in Marina di Pisa, which is my home town. The van is in Portugal, south of Lisbon in a region called Alentejo and that beach, Praia do Malhão, feels like home these days.
A van in the Sea 11 is part of a work in progress that I just started; the van itself represents an important decision I made a year ago as I chose to dedicate most of my time to artistic production instead of commercial work. So I moved the van to Portugal and it became my home for most of the year. At that time, I just stayed in the van, slept close to the ocean and photographed the sea. Intersections is one of my major projects, and it got a lot of attention from an international audience in the last year. It's about that brief moment of time when the water of the sea blurs with the clouds of a stormy sky and creates a unique and abstract fleeting moment.

What role does travel have in your practice and process? Do you work alone or with an assistant?
I found that the entire European Atlantic coast is excellent for what I'm looking for. I'm based in Portugal, but I'm always ready to jump on a plane and go north, to the UK or France, to photograph a big swell. I always work by myself. Taking photographs of the ocean is an exercise in patience: you need the right light, sky, wind, swell and maybe the right tide - it's very unpredictable, so I prefer to go by myself. It may sound boring, but when the conditions are good, I spend the whole day in front of the sea - I don't think an assistant would enjoy it.

Your photographs sometimes take a very pictorial turn - you rework them as you would apply colours with brushes on a canvas. What is your creative process, before/while/after shooting?
My photos are deeply related to Romanticism, especially the works of JMW Turner and Caspar David Friedrich. That's why they look so pictorial. The process after shooting is very simple. I use a raw converter called Capture One, and then a bit of Photoshop: I try to adjust colours in capture One, I just de-saturate them and shift them lightly. I use local adjustment to give the picture added tri-dimensionality. But it's really the shooting that counts: I need the right atmosphere, just big waves are not enough. Like I said, I need the right sky, maybe a bit of sun through the clouds, strong winds… in other words, I need a Romantic scene in front of me.

Limited edition, numbered and signed. 

Selected shows and awards

Finalist in fine Arts, Hasselblad Masters 2014, 2013
Photo Annual Awards (group show), Praque, 2012
Iris Gallery (group show), New York, 2012
IPA Awards, Mention Honorable "Fine Art-Landsdcape", 2011
Iris Gallery (group show), Boston, 2011
Sony World Photography Awards, Shortlisted in two categories, 2011
Iris Gallery (group show), Boston, 2010
Crane Kalman Gallery (group show), Brighton England, 2009

Selected publications

Lands of Tuscany, The Serchio Valley, PubliEd, 2012


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Alessandro Puccinelli 
Intersections 28, Marina di Pisa


Technical information

Pigment print on Ilford Gold Fibre Silk Paper - limited edition, numbered and signed certificate.


35 x 70 , Edition of 50 350.00 €
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