Alessandro Puccinelli 

A Van in the Sea 11, Praia do Malhaò 

A Van in the Sea 11, Praia do Malhaò

About the artist

Born in 1969, my earliest professional experience dates from 1993 when I moved to Australia, where I worked in advertising photography. Back in Italy, I started doing commercial photography using a "loose and free" style.
In 2001, my first personal work "Quotidiano" won the Polaroid International Awards. Since then I decided to focalize my attention towards producing art using my greatest passion in life as my subject, "the sea".


The two works deal, each in their own way, with explosions. Pigment and porcelain vase blasting. Could you please tell us about these two photographs? How did they come to your mind, and then get from your mind to your camera?
I love to show things you can't see with the naked eye, combined with all different subjects and textures. That includes bursts of powder and explosions. The aesthetics of destruction are very beautiful. That specific moment you see in these images lasts barely 1/10 000 of a second. A few moments later, the studio is a mess.

What do you like most about creating still lives?

Still-life is a genre in photography where you can start from scratch and be the 100% creator, not being influenced by a model with a bad-hair day.

How do you relate with the Dutch still-life pictorial tradition?
I think my work has some heritage from Dutch tradition, in its choice of props for instance - the vase. But different in its own way at the same time. Because it is not 'still' at all. It's frozen in time, but very energetic in its appearance.

What directions would you like to explore in your upcoming photography projects?

I've been working a lot lately with paint, in all its variety and directions. Very exciting results!

Limited edition, numbered and signed. 

Selected shows and awards

Finalist in fine Arts, Hasselblad Masters 2014, 2013
Photo Annual Awards (group show), Praque, 2012
Iris Gallery (group show), New York, 2012
IPA Awards, Mention Honorable "Fine Art-Landsdcape", 2011
Iris Gallery (group show), Boston, 2011
Sony World Photography Awards, Shortlisted in two categories, 2011
Iris Gallery (group show), Boston, 2010
Crane Kalman Gallery (group show), Brighton England, 2009

Selected publications

Lands of Tuscany, The Serchio Valley, PubliEd, 2012


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Alessandro Puccinelli 
A Van in the Sea 11, Praia do Malhaò


Technical information

Pigment print on Ilford Gold Fibre Silk Paper - limited edition, numbered and signed certificate.


33 x 50 cm , Edition of 50 200.00 €
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