Geoffroy de BOISMENU 

S1W, Atlanta 


About the artist

Mischievous, saturnine Geoffroy de Boismenu has been feeding the fashion press for the past twenty years. In the 90s , he moved to New York and shot artists whose popularity, sometimes, begun to explode - Biggie was shot for Spin magazine before his first album was released, the Gravediggaz's first single , or Outkast and Mary J. Blige - he shot legends too, as Public Enemy or LL COOL J. He worked for labels and magazines, quickly incorporates hip-hop tour of the city and has created a nice personal photographic collection. He returned to France in 2000 and stored its records and archives in his country home in Britany. But one day, he returned there after two months spent elsewhere and found the flooded building : part of its records was destroyed but He  managed to save a few boxes, providing them a unique look .
After spending eight years in the United States in the 90s, he returned to Paris and started developing personal projects. Libenter, the first of these, was a series of intimate and contemplative images shot around his parents’ house in the country, often with a blurred foreground reflecting the difficulty in departing from his child’s vision of a familiar environment. Geoffroy de Boismenu carries a camera at all times - a Nikon f2, Konica T4 or iPhone - and takes pictures every day; he occasionally returns to his collection of images and reassembles it, as in his latest book Image System which features new compositions based on snaps shot with a Polaroid Image System camera in 1993, during his US wanderings. Boismenu’s photography develops in line with his obsessions of the moment - what he himself calls his “collectionitis” – when he becomes equally infatuated with metal tridents or half-naked girls. His curiosity cabinet also features a blue tit, a rusty revolver and specks of dust, all arranged as a small set of almost innocent still lives.


Selected shows and awards

Constant Elevation, Art Ligue, Paris, 2015
France(s) territoire liquide, 
Tri Postal, Lille, 2014
Clinic, Hôpital Beaujon, Clichy, 2009
Clinic, Musée d’art moderne de Lyon et Griesmar & Tamer, Paris, 2008
f2, Kiosque, Paris, 2008
The conversation, Office 33, Hamburg, 2006
Les biches, Bound, Paris, 2006
The conversation, Colette, Paris, 2005
Libenter, Studio 58, Paris, 2004

Selected publications

Image System, RVB Books / Janvier, 2011
f2, Hong Kong Phat Publishers, 2008
Clinic, Images en manœuvres, 2007
Chiiilll…dren!, Nuke, 2006
The conversation, Damiani, 2005
Libenter, Janvier / 779, 2004


& order

Geoffroy de BOISMENU 
S1W, Atlanta


Technical information

Pigment print on Photo Rag Baryta- limited edition, numbered and signed certificate.


100 x 124 cm & 100 x 124 cm, Edition of 5 3000.00 €

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