Exhibition 11/12 -> 11/28 November 2015

In the 90s , Geoffroy de Boismenu moved to New York and shot artists whose popularity, sometimes, begun to explode - Biggie was shot for Spin magazine before his first album was released, the Gravediggaz's first single , or Outkast and Mary J. Blige - he shot legends too, as Public Enemy or LL COOL J. He worked for labels and magazines, quickly incorporates hip-hop tour of the city and has created a nice personal photographic collection. He returned to France in 2000 and stored its records and archives in his country home in Britany. But one day, he returned there after two months spent elsewhere and found the flooded building : part of its records was destroyed but He  managed to save a few boxes, providing them a unique look .



Geoffroy de BOISMENU
/ Les Garçons Sauvages. 
BRAIN Magazine

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